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Are You Drowning in Getting More Customers?

Are You Suffering from Low to No Sales At All?

Are You being Left Behind by Your Competitors Now?


Well, if you are a DRIVEN, PRO-ACTIVE & an ACTION TAKER Entrepreneur or Sales Professional, Here is My Invitation for You to; BEAT THIS CRISIS WITH ME!

I want to Help You Get More Customers who See You as a Trustworthy Authority in Your Industry, so that You Do Not Waste Time being Drowned Out by Your Competitors.


  • Generate More Business Opportunities
  • Save Cost by Having Long Term Customers
  • Engage and Inspire their Customers Online
  • Become a Trustworthy Authority amongst their Customers
  • Build a More Fulfilling Business by Helping Others


I used to become nervous to speak in front of a crowd, which I am in the seminar business representing other speakers. I find that, there are a lot of missed opportunities for me to Brand Myself and My Business.

Michael shared with me techniques to structure my ideas and pitch and deliver them with confidence, so much so, that I started hosting my own public seminar events for other speakers, and that have gotten my company to hit our 7-figures mark in 2019, after just a few months getting advice from Michael.

Teoh Choon Giap

CEO of WeScale

I was an intern with Michael's company, Thriving Talents. I learnt on the job from him about running a business, but more so, on positioning and branding myself.

Applying what I could role-model from Michael on speaking. I started my career as a NLP Coach and Trainer, and since MCO, I have managed to make close to 5-figures on coaching online, during this time of Lockdown where everyone is in panic.

Ong Shu Yi

CEO of Growth Achievers



  • Engage and Inspire Hundreds of Customers Online & Offline, Confidently
  • Get Highly Valuable Clients and Customers
  • Have VIPs to be Associated with Them
  • Position Themselves as Trusted Authorities in their Industry
  • Increase their personal sales target or company’s sales target


  • Looking for More Quality Customers
  • Looking to produce real result in productivity
  • Looking to transform yourself and have ultimate confident
  • Looking for More Customers
  • Want a Breakthrough in Engaging & Inspiring their Customers
  • Want to Build their Trusted Authority in their Industry
  • Not Knowing How to Stand Out in the Market
  • Overcoming Challenges

We want to Help You by Inviting You to Join Our

‘ King of Leverage’ Club

You Don’t Just Learn Ways to Engage & Inspire Your Customers to Make more Money, but You Become a Highly Valued Person too!


Michael is a vibrant, forward-thinking leader whose enthusiasm is matched by his collaboration and team building. We have worked across continents with Michael on a series of webinars and speaking engagements that are consistently high-quality, thoughtful, and provide great value to participants. Michael and the Thriving Talents team make amazing things happen!

David Dye

President at Let’s Grow Leaders

Michael's passion and zealous is so inspiring, partnering with him on various projects, he has demonstrated commitment. compassion and creativity and consistently delivered. As a YouthSpark Advocate he has tirelessly championed youth causes and most recently signed up as a partner for M-Powered too.

It was the Best decision to engage Michael for my team to start the year 2020 - He exudes high positive energy in the room and high enthusiasm in his deliverables. An inspiring individual who sees the best in people and situations around him. Whilst being very driven he also reminds one to be grateful in life. In this robust world, his session gives/reminds us to have a good balance in life to be a Growth Minded Leader!

Jasmine Begum

Director of Legal, Government & Corporate Affairs, ASEAN & New Market

Anne Ng

National Sales Manager at Dutch Lady, Malaysia

Even though it's the first day of learning, I feel I've already profited compared to the investment for this course. I've always wanted to learn the core values of starting a successful business and strategies on how to position myself as an authority in my desired field.

Michael also showed me how to boil down to the essentials of what I truly want to achieve with my business and naturally attracts customers that I want to do business with.

Not only that, he always answer each and everyone of our questions, making sure we understand the essence of his teachings before moving on to the next module.

It is never boring or tiring to listen to Michael bombarding us with valuable lessons after valuable lessons as his energy level is always so high and it can be quite contagious!

I have gotten a lot of valuable diamonds from 7 Figure Business Master Trainer Masterclass with Michael Teoh, organised by Thriving Talents.

Michael Teoh is extremely energetic story mentor. He would answer each and every single questions without a miss & make sure we understand it before proceeding to next module.

The whole virtual training was interactive and now I gets my own fundamental right and develops from there. Not to forget, I getting countless diamonds!

Gives me more........and more please.......

Jeffrey Lim Jiek Hui

Senior Mortgage Sales Executive at Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Ivy Ng

Admin at Car Service Workshop

Michael Teoh impressed me of his sincerity, powerful presence and rapid speed of learning. He is an innovative person with ability to deliver message to reach the audience effectively. He is a humble and effective leaders to lead the employees of his team. Overall, I think Michael possess the power to diagnose the pulse of the young generation on their workplace.

Michael is one of the most driven individuals on the planet. Michael won our position of global ambassador and traveled the world for a year as such in 2011. His work ethic and diligence is incredibly strong and he is a very good public speaker. I'm excited to be forever affiliated with Michael and I am look forward to working with him again consistently in the coming years.

Laurence Yap

CHRM, Assistant GM

Chris Arnold

Founder of Smaller Earth Group and World Merit

Michael is a very down to earth person and humble inspire of the amazing things he has done. We have worked with him on a couple of projects and both were well executed . He very much tries to clearly understand what we expect and then goes beyond that ! I cannot wait to work more with him on some big assignments which we have planned . Highly talented and customer focussed guy and it's a pleasure to know him . I feel extremely fortunate to have Michael as a friend now and thanks to Linkedin

Michael is one of the most energetic and passionate youth leaders that I have ever met in my life. He is always out there, inspiring the youths and students, and motivate them to achieve the best for their life! To Michael, nothing is impossible, and he is always there working very hard to make things awesome, and stretching the boundary of comfort zone.

Ashok Ramachandran

CEO & president @ Schindler India

Chen Chow Yeoh

Co-Founder of Fave Group


I’m a Real-Life Example of an Average Person, Achieving Extraordinary Experiences!

But Did You Know, that I was a Bully Victim?

Did You Know, that I had Survived 2 Car Accidents?

I have come out of Adversity and Difficulties, and I Want to Help You too! Because Training & Coaching Others to Success is My Passion, as YOU will in turn Help Others when You are Successful!

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31st JULY 2020 - 2nd AUG 2020 (Friday to Sunday)

Friday                    :  8pm to 11pm 

Saturday & Sunday :  9am to 12.30pm 

(May be extended depending on the students)

Money Back Guarantee:

If you did not learn anything during the 3 Days' masterclass, just email us within 24 hours and we will talk to you to make your refund as smooth as possible.

We are happy to serve you, always!

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